Annual Show & Qualifying Shows

Our Championship Show for 2019 will be on Sunday 29th Sept at Leyland Court.

The schedule for our Championship Show is now available to download:

Qualifying shows for this year and are listed below. These dates will be added to as we get more information. If you are a show secretary and would like to hold qualifiers for us please get in touch with us.


2019 Qualifiers:

28th Jul - Frampton Family RC
10th Aug - Slimbridge Show
11th Aug - Brent Knoll Show
11th Aug - Badgworth EC
14th Aug - Beaufort Hunt Show
18th Aug - Avon and Borders WPC
25th Aug - Tumpy Green
31st Aug - Eastington Show

2020 Qualifiers:
14th Sept - Foxham Show
14th Sept - Usk
15th Sept - Timsbury
27th Oct - Tumpy Green


Previous year's results: