Ridden Rallies

The club arranges ridden rallies, which are open to all members of all abilities. Rallies will be adapted to fit the needs of each rider and their horse. Rallies will be posted on our Face Book page with details. Payment is required before the rally and if you have to cancel for any reason your money will only be refunded if your place can be filled.

Would members like rallies at other venues? If so please contact the committee!

Important COVID 19 Information for members attending rallies:

• Attendees must advise immediately & must not attend if they show any Covid19 symptoms

• Track & trace information will be held and retained for 6months (BRC guidelines) – you must provide your current contact number

• Instructor has confirmed that a Covid19 Risk Assessment is in place.

• First Aid - Falls are unavoidable but risk will be minimised by working within the clients ability and fitness levels and progressing gradually. PPE (gloves & mask) to be worn for any situations where close contact is unavoidable, eg: after a fall, providing First Aid. No mouth to mouth will be provided.

• Max 4 VHPRC members per session & 1 instructor

• Attendees must socially distance 1.5 - 2m where possible

• Attendees may bring one other person and must leave as soon as the rally finishes

• Sufficient gap in group timings to ensure no overlap

• Large Outside space, transport must be spaced far apart to allow for social distancing

• No refreshment, toilet or handwashing facilities